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1.  The Old Ba' Game


2.  Seven Travel Rules From a Brooding Teenager


3.  Notes From a Very Small Midwestern Island

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Go Your Own Way

The recent ho-hum reaction to the purchase and ensuing buyback of Frommer’s obscures one key fact: Guidebooks are creators of social change. A defense of their place in the literary canon. >> published in The Morning News


The Real Me

The internet is an unrelenting enabler of our flaws and an unforgiving archive of them—so should you google your new love interest, or hold off? And what if they google you first? A true tale of dating in the internet age.  >> published in The Morning News


Copenhagen on Two Wheels

Fact: You haven't really seen the Danish capital city until you've done it the local way: by bike.  >> published in Newsday


The Deep-Fried Bliss of the State Fair

The state fair is a deep-fried, neon-lit, whiz-bang ritual of Middle America. Come along as we tour three of the best.  >> published in Newsday


Seven Travel Rules From a Brooding Teenager

The American Adolescent Male can learn a lot about travel during a trip to see Scotland and its piles of rocks.  >> published on World Hum


The Anne Frank House and the Jaded Backpacker

I still believe that tourists are really good at heart.  >> published in the San Francisco Chronicle


The Old Ba' Game

The charming and true tale of a rugby-like game involving 200 Scottish men, a barricaded town, and a custom-made leather ball that may or may not symbolize a severed head. Fun for the whole family . . . really.  >> published in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel


Confessions of a Chicken Man

Yeah, I’m missing out by not eating weevil soup or some such local specialty. I know. Pass the chicken, please.  >> published on World Hum


Notes From Nicollet Island

The true story of an enchanted island in the shadow of downtown Minneapolis's skyscrapers. Featuring nefarious hucksters, rabble-rousing hippies, and two feral donkeys. >> published in the Onion AV Club


Not-So-Flattering Views of Famous Landmarks

[AUDIO SLIDESHOW]  I take bad pictures. And by "bad," I mean gritty and honest and otherwise not quite postcard-worthy.  >>  As seen on WorldHum.com


What Can You Still See in Paris on $5 a Day?

 [AUDIO SLIDESHOW]  Notes and photos from my attempt to see the City of Light using only a 45-year-old copy of Europe on Five Dollars a Day. Things didn't always work out so well.  >> as seen on WorldHum.com

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